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SKI TRAB started up thanks to Giacomo Trabucchi’s intuition and enthusiasm. Trabucchi made his first solid wooden skis in 1946. The SKI TRAB factory is based in Bormio, a renowned skiing resort, boasting a tradition of professionals and champions given to the world of sport. Since its beginning there has always been a constant and natural contact with mountain experts. This has helped to contribute in the realization of the final product which meets the real skiers’ requirements. The Trabucchi family is now able to offer high technical and specialized products making SKI TRAB a leading firm in the ski touring, ski mountaineering and cross-country field.
It’s not simply the mountain village in Italy where Ski Trab products are manufactured. “Made in Bormio” is a statement that symbolizes a product that was designed, developed and manufactured by a company and people that are active experts in big mountain and backcountry skiing. All Ski trab products are based on the experience, expertise and knowledge we have developed by over 64 years of skiing, living and working on the snow. Ski trab understand the sport, spirit and culture of skiing and we live it every day. We invite you to join us in the backcountry and share the experience of skiing on the best skis in the world.